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Consumers Forum, an NGO a no-profit organization ventured into consumerism in the year 1979. We  have taken another lead by launching a portal of our own, as an initiative to start defining & monitoring the trade practices so that progressive policies be formulated to facilitate the trade and try to define standards. These standards will alienate the fears from the minds of the consumers and will pave path for them to buy goods and services without any hitch, fear or doubts.

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To give this process a successful go ahead and help in understanding the consumer, trade & service sector, you can be part of this endeavor too.

We consumers can :

  1. Post our problems
  2. Share our past experiences
  3. Send complaints / suggestions

All those subscribing will be on our active list and will be kept posted with latest developments, case studies,  perpetual problem areas,  news from Trade & Service sector etc. We are also in constant lookout for like minded people and experts in various technical and non-technical fields who are ready to impart time and free advice and serve the cause.

Contact Us

Dr. Sunil Prakash
Suryashraye, 13 Palm Wood,
Malibu Towne, Sohna Road
Gurgaon - 122018
Tel. 0124 4018845



Unfair To Charge For Paper Carry Bags, says Consumer Forum - Check video in below URL