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Charging Money From Credit Card Account Without Any Legal Agreement

Complaint Details: 
Dear Sirs, This is bring on notice and records that without getting any legal contract signed between us (Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Limited & Alok Choudhuri) Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Limited have gone ahead and generated a Membership on my name basis personal and credit card details given in good faith to their executive Prabal Saxena on May/25/2012 and charged my credit card account for the same. I have received a Vacation Ownership Plan Certificate with my name grossly misspelled and moreover no amount of trying to reach them since the day Prabal Saxena left the contract form back at my office on May/25/2012 had been of any avail. As per Mr.Prabal Saxena's words we were to have a Written Legal Agreement Between Sterling Holidays and Me (The Patron) and then only he would have processed my membership. Moreover per Mr.Prabal Saxena, I was also to be rested with the Right To Refuse Membership at my will,within the First Ten Days of the Signed Legal Document Between Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Limited & Me (Alok Choudhuri). However all of Mr.Prabal Saxena's talks about Signing A Legal Document before processing the Membership and charging my credit card were not complied by him or his company alongwith resting me with the Right To Refusal. However Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Limited charged my credit card without complying with any of the legalities advised by them. By doing so Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Limited and also by Not giving me the Right To Refuse Membership Within Ten days from Signing A Legal Agreement Leave me with no choice than to Conclude that there are No Business / Service Ethics at Sterling Holidays and I was much better off until NOT ENTERTAINING STERLING HOLIDAYS AND TRUSTING PRABAL SAXENA BY GIVING MY PERSONAL AND CREDIT CARD DETAILS. I have requested them to refund all the money charged from my Standard Chartered Credit Card by e-mails but all they do is cut and paste their stock response as a return mail. I also requested Standard Chartered Bank to refrain paying Sterling Holidays any further, they stated over phone this morning that only Sterling Holidays reserve the right to not charge any further being a merchant. I have however kept Customer Care Standard Chartered Bank on copy of all my communication with Sterling Holidays for future reference in the court of law. By a copy of this mail request your good forum to advise Sterling Holidays to Refrain from Charging any money from my Credit Card Account, Cancel The Membership Generated on my name (without signing any legal document) and IMMEDIATELY REFUND ALL THE EMI'S DEDUCTED FROM MY STANDARD CHARTERED CREDIT CARD. I would also request an Unconditional Apology From The Management Of Sterling Holidays for the Mental Trauma rendered and as a lesson for conning common people of their hard earned money. Look forward to your kind intervention and assistance. Best Regards, Alok Kumar Choudhuri
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