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poor service in hospital

Complaint Details: 
ON 28/09/12, I took my wife to vamshi hospital, tirmulghery, sec'bad for loose motion and de hydration problem at around 2.00pm in the night.They asked us to admit her which we agreed.they insisted to pay Rs3,000/- cash on the spot otherwise they wil not start the treatment.I requested them that right now I don't have that much cash with me and also at this hour of night it is not possible to arrange the cash immediatele, so I am paying you Rs.500/- cash and balance I will pay in the morning but they did not agree and insisted to pay the cash then and there.Secondly after starting the treatment i.e putting a drip to her, the whole staff went to sleep in theier respective rooms and nobody bothered to come and see whether is there any problem with the patient or the drip is falling properly or not.When the glucose bottle got over, I went and woke up the nurse to remove her drip which she attended after 5 minutes.At around 6.30am in the morning I told the nurse that now she is feeling o.k and I want to take her home so can you tell the doctor to check her up on which she made us wait for another half an hour (maybe the doctor's waking up time must be 7.00am. Then the receiption person told us that we can not leave like that withour completing the treatment or else you won't get the balance payment.I told him that now she is feeling much better then in night and there has been no loose motion throughout the night so now what is the sense in staying back, and if we stay back for 24 hrs, will we get the refund of balance payment on which he said no. then what is the point in making us stay (may be they wanted to extract some more money by prescribing some more medicines.And the whole staff including the nurse and doctor were least bothered about the pateint or her condition and were not at all polite in their behaviour, they were only concerned with the money.The bed charges for a day is Rs.2,500/- which is amazing for such a class of hospital and there was no proper facilities as per the charges( we had to ask for bedsheet, the room was full of mosquitoes and on asking thrice, we got the mosquito coil). I therefore request you to please look into the matter and take some necessary action as hospitals has become a business place where there is no value for the life of a person. Mohammed Contrctor 9949887229
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