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Sale of medicines

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My husband was prescribed Goldcal-M tablets by his doctor for 15 days. I had purchased 10 tablets (1 strip) only on 22.12.2012, as the medicine was out of stock at that time. When I went to get the remaining 5 tablets, the chemist refused to sell citing the reason that calcium tablets are only sold in strips and he cannot cut the strip and give me 5 tablets. I have to purchase the entire strip. When I asked him that if the doctor had prescribed 15 tablets then why can't he sell 15 tablets, he said that it was not his problem. when I asked him that why was i not informed about this the 1st time I came to buy, he said he is informing now. I asked under which law is it said that i cannot buy or he cannot sale 5 tablets, he had no answer. I went to the medicine store next to him, the chemist there too said the same and when i asked him about the law, he said to look up in the internet, under 'pharmacy' website. when i asked him what are other such medicines which are not cut and sold, he said that it is a long list and he does not remember and i can see that on the internet. Hence, I had to purchase the entire strip. Chemists: 1. Bhumika Chemist & Cosmetics, E-779, Chittaranjan Park, market no.2, new delhi-19, Ph.No: 26271354 2. Anoop Medicos, D-776, Shop No.6, market no.2, new delhi-19, ph no.: 26278768. Under which law is such sale is prohibited? Why dont the chemist stores put up on display such a list of medicines so that the consumer are well informed and are not mislead?
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