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Refund of order money .

Complaint Details: 
I had participated in a contenst for "Apple 4G iphone" on 26/12/2011 organised by ( . But I was offered an IPOD (Sony) and a WRIST WATCH (Reebok) in place of the prize , for participating in the contest . But the courier that I recieved ( in First Flight Courier Services ) having the " Order No. - 1748226 & Consigment No. - LF0149420 " on 11/02/2012 , sent by them , consisted of ipod of some local brand(Universal) in place of Sony. After that I talked to their Customer Representative regarding this on the same day (11/02/2012) , on which I went to recieve my courier . And he asked me whether I wished for cancellation of order and refund ; and to return the courier , which I had agreed to . Moreover, even on returning the courier , as they asked me to , I was neither refunded with the money nor replaced with the product (Sony Ipod and Reebok Wrist Watch) as promised by them , even with repeatative assurance by them on 11/02/2012 and 16/02/2012 . Due to this I had been under constant tension , frustation and depression , aside from the monetary loss of Rs.1393/- { namely ----- Contest Participation Fee - Rs.99/- Cash on Delivery(for courier) - Rs.1164 /- and Courier Charges(for returning product) - Rs.130/- } caused due to ( Several times I had to go to the Courier Service Provider (14 kms away from my residing place) and ask for any positive response from "" . Moreover , as I am a student , and preparing for my exams , I am under regular pressure and depression which are severely affecting my papers and results . Aside from that I am being mentally harassed by their Customer Representatives , for asking about my refund . Hence , I wish to be considered for both mental and physical suffering and torture caused due to "" and should be properly compensated by them , through proper monetary value and appolizies , as soon as possible .
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