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Online Games Rummy game online CHEATING innocent public openly in the name of Supreme Court’s Verdict:

Complaint Details: Rummy game online CHEATING innocent public openly in the name of Supreme Court’s Verdict: Amazing!!! In the first place it is very hard to imagine how the Supreme Court of India made Rummy game legal??? And everybody now call Rummy a game of “SKILL”….I am not a gambler but for passing time, Yes; I do play Rummy. As per my knowledge if someone knows the rules, basics and logic of Rummy they can play and win the game very easily. I don’t know how; following rules or basics of a game, is called as “SKILL?” Take for instance, “CHESS” is a game of skill, because, you have to stick to the rules…there is nothing called “JOKER” in the game to bypass rules. But if you take Rummy 70% of the games are won by the players who have more “JOKERS”, that means, the game has 70% of winning chances by luck and 30% by logic or fate. Now, if you want to give the name “SKILL” to this 30% then, you must be crazy. Now, you may argue “JOKER” is a part of rule and part of the game….so 70% chances cannot be luck. In that case…can you pick-up and show me 4 jokers in one round of the game with your so called SKILL? I had played more than 1500 games online with “TAASHTIME.COM” alone and won 70% of the games whenever I received more number of jokers. Now, you may say; you don’t know to play, that’s why you win only when you have more jokers!! No; you are wrong… Whenever, I lose a round, I didn’t to forget to check; who got more Jokers?? No surprise; more number of Jokers in the set is the winner 70% of the times and I have a statics for my statement. So, If you win the game, it will be your luck and if you lose, it will be your fate, that’s it. Where is the question of SKILL here? Ohh…wait….I forgot to mention another tragedy that occurs at least ones in 10 rounds, that is; before even your turn comes, before even you pick-up a card, someone will place a show by just picking-up one card…..bhooo you are gone with 80 points. In fact I had also got few chances like that and made others to run out of the table in one shot. So, with this tragedy certainly 10% of the winning chances are by luck; do you now agree? Can you say; the winner of that round used his SKILL? So, It is evident , wherever, there is atleast 10% of luck lies, that game cannot be called as “SKILL” game or it cannot be counted in the name of BUSINESSES. If you look at the game with basic common sense, RUMMY is not at all a Game of SKILL but it entirely depends on the cards that come to you. Now, it is my personal opinion that Supreme Court has to rethink once again on their verdict. Well Now; comes “TAASHTIME.COM” Online Rummy game portal. Here you get many things free but you cannot take anything from here, that means whatever you get as free should be spent here itself and go empty handed. In the name of Supreme Court’s verdict people like “TAASHTIME.COM” are minting money. What is required to cheat the public is; Use flash software, and develop a game website, put it in a server and link it to a bank account through some secured payment gateway and you are done. Now; everything is automated you need not work thereafter, the server where your game is hosted will take care of everything. But, still if you have intention to support your players for their queries, then, you can have one customer support executive who will chat with the players online with routine predefined statements. Now, let us see how they cheat us: They give us a bonus for opening an account with them that is Rs.25. I had also opened an account with the ID and got the free bonus amount. I started playing and even won upto Rs.500 in one months time. Now it is the time for withdrawal so, I placed a request for withdrawal and I suddenly I got a message “you cannot withdraw the amount…unless you deposit atleast Rs.100”, Look; this message you will come to know only when, you place a request for withdrawal. Now, I become greedy and don’t want to lose that Rs.500 which it took one whole month to win, so, I deposited Rs.100 with them. Now, what I see is horrible; the amount Rs.500 which I won will jump into “BONUS DUE” account and your “TAASH CASH” account which is the actual account will be refilled with Rs.100 which just got deposited. At this point I came to know, the bonus amount as well as the winning amount you made with the bonus amount cannot be withdrawn at all, but you have to play and finish the amount for entertainment. Now, because, I had invested Rs.100 I had to restart the game from the beginning. I forgot to mention another offer by TAASHTIME.COM: that is; If you recommend your friend and make him to open an account and force him to deposit minimum amount you will get Rs.500 instantly…..that’s what the ad says, but, it is fake. You cannot just take your free gift Rs.500 to your home like that. Instead, the amount will be credited to your bonus account which, you can never withdraw but, you have to play and finish the free amount their itself. In simple words; whatever you get free from them, you have to return it back to them after multiplying it. So, “TAASHTIME.COM” is at the winning edge always and all the players are fools. “I AM ONE OF THE FOOLS” I played so many games here and I won from so many players who really had put their hard earned money but, finally, I gave all the money I won to “TAASHTIME.COM” the CHEATS. Even with the deposited money, I won so many games, I won more than Rs.2000, but I could never take back even a single Rupee from them. Everytime I made a withdrawal request, they gave me various lame reasons like “Software update is going on….,” “Someone is absent in Accounts department…,” “power failure in the office,” “reconciliation work is going on…” “We do bank transactions only on Thursdays.…etc. etc…”and finally they stopped answering my mails, they kept quiet on chat window and started disconnecting my calls. SO, I REQUEST EVERYONE TO BEWARE AFTER READING THIS…PLEASE NEVER EVER DEPOSIT YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY WITH THIS WEBSITE, INSTEAD YOU OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM AND PLAY WITH FUN COINS WHICH IS FOR FREE. BECAUSE, YOU GET NOTHING WHETHER YOU PLAY WITH “FREE FUN COINS” OR “REAL TAASH CASH.” I ONCE AGAIN REQUEST; PLEASE NEVER EVER DEPOSIT ANY MONEY WITH THIS WEBSITE AND BECOME ANOTHER FOOL. NOTE: Even If you drill their Terms & Conditions pages completely, you cannot find all these details I have stated above. SIVAKUMAR.N
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