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No show of the confirmed Taxi and Flight missed - as Driver wentoff to sleep.

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Complaint Details: 
I had booked a Taxi cab from 'Dreamz Cabs' a pick up at 4.30 am for domestic airport as I had a flight to Bangalore at 6.30. I was assured and got confirmation through SMS and Call about the cab details and the pick up time. The driver also called me up at 3 am to confirm that he will pick me up at 4.30 am. I called him at 4 am again to make sure that he reaches on time and he assured that he will reach me at the scheduled pick-up time. I missed my flight because the driver did not reach my place and he did not respond to my calls as well. I called the company too where I was informed that the driver was not answering their calls as well. They proposed to send me a new cab (at around 5 am) in the next 30- 45 minutes which was not feasible for me as I would have surely missed my flight in that case. I any how managed to reach the airport but the time was lost and I was late to board the flight. It was an important office meeting for which I had to reach Bangalore and I had booked a to and fro ticket for my travel. I have missed the opportunity and may also lose my job because of this irresponsible and unprofessional attitude from company's end. Kindly do advice me what do i do as i had a To and fro filight booked which costed me and now i have to pay that no no reason and also i missed a good oppotunity for my carrer... plus the harrasment i has for the last 12 hours . SHould the company not pay me total fare which is around Rs 9,500 and send me an apology email which I can forward to my office authorities to prove that it was not me who was at fault. Please do advice.
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