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Complaint Details: 
Dear Sir, I made a purchase for a personalized paid report on for INR 299 vide ICICI Netbanking on January 3 2012 - Order #AL135723439411. I was keen and anticipated a response from them but did not receive anything for a week. After that, I wrote a mail to them and tried contacting their customer support but to no avail. I haven't received a single response till date. In frustration, I contacted their Chief Astrologer & Director, Raj Rao, on Twitter ( with my id - @actuallyvipul. After about 5-6 tweets, they mentioned they'll look into this matter and send my report. In about 15 mintues I received a file, which was a copy and paste from their free services. There was nothing which added value. What they mentioned in the report was available in their free service and I didn't get a return of a single penny I spent. After writing another 5-6 tweets stating that I have received a poor service, they replied after a week stating they'll offer a refund. Till date, I haven't received a single dime of what I spent. The last tweet from Mr. Raj Rao was " hi your report ws sent to you. We hv also sent your refund chq. Will send details." I haven't received any cheque till now. If they have sent anything at all, I seek an evidence of courier. I don't know if it takes 2 weeks to arrange for INR 299 for a company that has partnerships with, ibn, NDTV, etc. Their customer service is poor rather there is no service at all. They are blatantly scamming people by showcasing they have big partnerships. I do see many other complaints if I search for Astrolife scam. Not only has this been an immense torture for me since the past 1 month, it's been a great inconvenience. Other than INR 299, I demand a full apology, refund, and compensation for the trauma they have caused. I have full evidences of my mails to them, the poor-quality report, and twitter messages to support my cause. Please look into the matter and provide me with your valuable assistance.
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