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Krishna Residency, Mylapore, chennai-Refused to provide accomodation as well as return the advance

Complaint Details: 
I booked rooms in Krishna Residency, Mylapore and lost my entire advance amount of Rs. 5000/- It was paid a month in advanve for advance booking on the 28th and 29th June. Since my guests were delayed I called them a day in advance and asked them to cancel the booking for the 28th and provide mee the rooms for 29th june alone. Since I had booked a month in advance and they were unableto take addional bookings, the manager and owner refused to acknowledge the cacellation and also provide the rooms for the next day. They also refused to return the advance. Krishna Residency is located in South mada street, Mylapoe, Chennai 600004. Their contact number is 044-24643616, 044-24641223. I spoke to the owner of the hotel tried explaing the situation but in vain. I have the receipt for advance paid and it has no mention of penalties for cancellation. Here they refused to give me the room as well as refundcthe entire advance amount of 5000/- 
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