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Trasnfered superannuation amount not credited to account

LIC has not credited transfered superannuation amount into account and do not respond inspite of constant followups

Complaint Details: 
The Superannuation policy no is 430957. An amount of Rs.1,08,639 was transferred by previous company, ‘Tata Consultancy Services Ltd’ on 22/2/2012. I even have confirmation that the amount was transfered from Mumbai LIC office to Chennai Office.. see mail extract below... Sir/Madam, The advice letter regarding transfer of equitable interest with respect to Ms. Jessy Smith was sent to your unit from our unit on 27.02.12 by speed post, along with 4 more letters of transfer of equitable interest. Ms. Jessy Smith's transfer was from TCS (GSCA 692068 - serviced by our unit) to CTS (GSCA 430957 - serviced by your unit) - amount Rs. 108639/-. Please go thro' the trailing mails and reply to the member. Regards, N Sumathy/AO/P&GS/MDO I Inspite of several such mails from me and others from Mumbai LIC office, there is absolutely no response from Chennai office (, also,
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