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Bank Auction

Complaint Details: 
i have taken participate in canara bank auction and give the emd( 54400 rs/ 10% of the value of the property) money to the bank on date 27/06/2012 but after opening the bid on date 30/06/2012 the bank says that the borrower lives in property and they have written in "as is where is" in sale notice,so it is not the responsebility of bank to take possession of property. it is my hadche and i have to move the dm permisssion application after registry thorough the bank's authorised officer and within the 24 hours you have to submit 15% more money of propert bid value( i.e 83000 somethig). i have given written application to the bank bank forbid for taking application so i have done speed post to the bank today(31/07/2012). i want that bank will take possession and then i will pay 90% money of property valeu.further what can i do in this matter for taking back emd money.can i launch a fir in 420 or give court notice. i am attaching sale notice of bank.pls help me soon
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