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Complaint Regarding Citibank Saving account service charges without my notice or intimation

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Complaint Details: 
I'm a citibank Savings Account no. 5-9XX0XX-X09 holder since 2005. I realize from past two months SERVICE CHARGES + SERVICE TAX 12.00 p.c ON SERVICE CHARGES + EDUCATION CESS 3.00 p.c ON SERVICE TAX (Rs 281) is getting deducted every month. I checked with phone banking executive and he said there are due to non-maintenance of account balance with is Rs 25000/- per month. I was communicated earlier as Rs 10000/- per month. He said there must be a letter sent to your communication address but after checking his records he told no letter sent to you because you were maintaining the balance till Mar'12 and the charges started after that. So till date there was a deduction of Rs 2529/- without any letter sent for the upgraded maintence charges, which he also agrees but after checking his superior he said these are valid and no reversal possible. I asked these charges are not no correct, please reverse else I'm left with no choices apart from closing the account and still loss my money with they deducted without my notice or proper information. This is what I get after 8 years relationship with Citibank. Please help me getting the money reverse and would like to close the account but need my deducted money back. Regards, Jai 9958813222
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