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Query to be handled Urgently

Complaint Details: 
Hi, I am yatharth jain using your card ending with ****-****-****-6599 with RMN 8882058605 made a tx on for about 65300 rs approx i want to convert this thing into EMI for 18 months i have all info that on this this amount is convertable and 1.1 is interest rate and 7000 rs extra i have to pay i made one mini amount bill payment on oct as at that time there is no option of EMI,when call on 31 oct the customer care told me that amount is convertable but as minimum amount you pay is 3200 approx something so 2000 rs deducted for interest and 1013 rs you have to shop to make this amount convertable to emi i at the same time on vodafone made this tx to made amount greater. Secondly, on second call to customer care on 6 th nov she told me that you have to shop more for 2000 rs as amount is still lesser no prob after that we convert emi or i take req of reversal i gave reversal req on same time i gave complaint for first query as i am not free every time to call customer care. 3rd point i get a call from bombay that you not pay mini or bill of oct then i give all explanation of it then he satisfied even that guys not even tell the another new thing. 4 th when call today on 9th nov that amount is not convert into EMi as tx is more than 60 days what a nonsense this all rubbish then i again give another complaint with vide no:- 13313367281 ,also further times i give rq of cc pin to link my card to account of my savings acc in hdfc still this thing not happen. Requested you that its is not mistake of mine as it is done by customer service end, requested you to convert my account in EMI of 18 months with 1.1 interest rate and for approx 4200 rs per month i get a installment ,requested you to convert on priority basics as i am right now not in positioned to pay full amount i every time call customer care and 60 days above occurs due to false things,hope you understand and coperate on the same. Warm regards, Yatharth jain 08882058605. On There Reply:- Dear Mr. Jain, Thanks for your patience in interim. This is in continuation to our e-mail response regarding Dial an EMI facility on your HDFC Bank credit card. On receipt of your e-mail, we had liased with the concerned department and observe that Dial an EMI loan for an amount of Rs. 65323.00 was not getting processed as outstanding amount was less than the conversion amount, the same was confirmed to you on the same call by our Phone Banking officer. We wish to clarify that you had done transaction for an amount of Rs. 65323.00 and made payments on the card. So the Dial an EMI not processed on your card account. We earnestly seek your understanding and co-operation in this regard. Kindly note the query reference number for this e-mail: 13314421312 In-case you seek further assistance or clarification, please feel free to contact our Phone Banking officers at any of our 24 hour Phone Banking numbers mentioned in the below URL. [url=]PhoneBanking[/url] In line with our focus and commitment to Customer Service, we trust the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may write to our Grievance Redressal Officer Mr. Manoj Prem at HDFC Bank Cards Division, 8, Lattice Bridge Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041 or E-mail at [email][/email]. Alternatively, you can call our grievance cell at Tel: 044-23744704. Assuring you of our best service at all times. Regards, Chitra Officer, Credit Cards Correspondence My Reply again:- Hi, So for you customer is not a forst point everytime you listen to customer support i think all call is recorded as you have all conversation recorded so plz chk and clarify as you support in additional to this say that EMI should be converted. As, plz chk you all recorded conversation and give all proof its it ok then i am support you in this case. Warm regards, Yatharth jain 08882058605.
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