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Indian Oil

Petrol Cheaters

Complaint Details: 
I am extremely distressed by the dealings & Behavior of Petrol pumps in Bangalore. They always cheat customers. My latest stint with Indian oil petrol pump in Domlur corner left me exasperating . I asked for 32 litres petrol (full tank) and they filled just 22 litres and i had to pay the price of 32 litres. i know the quantity is less since the pointer at my fuel tank shows 22 litres only. when i tried to sort it out with them they started fighting & abusing (Whatever happened to the ideals of service industry- Customer is King & Grahaka Devo Bhavah!!!). I had to pay Rs 2400 for 22 litres while 22 litres would actually cost Rs 1672, which means they filled in only 22 litres and charged me for 32. The same petrol pump staff refuses to fill only Air. Not being a local from Karnataka, i had to go through all this. Petrol prices are already sky rocketing and these Petrol Pump Staff & management try to extract every single penny from our pocket through their immoral methods. Strict steps must be taken to ensure they fill petrol honestly as there is absolutely no way you can tell otherwise. Dishonest practices followed by Petrol pump staff has induced mistrust among all of us. Those who are involved in wrong doings must be punished to set an example for others. I really expect strong action to be taken against them because this is becoming a practice now & maybe this is just one experience which is recorded. Google map location of the petrol pump is Sweta Singh
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