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Replacement of Addidas Shoes

Complaint Details: 
Gud evening Sir, I am from Kota, Rajasthan On the date of 24.02.2012, I had purchased a pair of Addidas shoes Rs. 2599/- from a Multi branded shoe store “SHOE POINT” at Jhalawar, Rajasthan. (90 km from Kota) After one week when i use my shoes, i have found that there was something defect in the designs of the shoes and because of it I feel some tightness in my right shoe, Next day I without delay go Jhalawar and inform the shopkeeper about the problem and request to change the pair but the shopkeeper refused my request and told me that we will not change this Pair and you have to take new pair. After long discussion he gave me as offer, he told me that I am giving you a fresh new pair Rs. 2499/- and I will try to sell out the old one BUT if………. Your old pair not sold than with in 2-3 months you have to pay Rs. 2499/- more for fresh pair. I said okey and take the new pair of shoes and came back to kota. After 1 month he every day make me call to for payment. I am very upset, will you please help me out that what i should do to Finnish this matter. Regards Abhishek Paliwal 9782045322
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