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Tata Motors Finance Ltd

harassment and legal notice against vehicle EMI

Complaint Details: 
Dear Sir, I bought a vehicle in2007 and financed through Tata Motor Finance (Loan agreement No 5000192435). I paid all the EMI’s and when demand NOC, the finance company said one of the EMI in middle of the term still not cleared as cheque of that EMI was bounced. I could have paid that EMI, if the company communicates the unclear EMI in time. Now they are charging much higher amount. The actual EMI was ~ 6640 Rs however they demand Rs 19296 with interest. When I checked my account balance I found sufficient amount was there to clear that cheque at that time, also the bank authority said, the mentioned cheque never been produced so how could it be bounced? When I showed my interest to see prove of the bounced cheque, the finance company didn’t cooperate. Instead of that they start harassing, come to home many times and send legal notice. I do agree to pay the EMI amount however the amount they are asking is much higher. Sir I would like to request you kindly do justice to me as I found myself innocence. Please help….
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