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Complaint Details: 
I took a six months subscription of tikona broadband in November 2010 by making advance payment of the entire amount as i was asked it works there (have the receipt). And because of their poor connectivity and services thought of not renewing the plan so called their representative to take their device as I am not renewing it. There was further delay from their end in collecting the device by that time I got other broadband service installed. And after few days i got a call from their call center that amount of 6 months subscription is due on me , i was surprised , how can this be possible. They said even though you didn't asked us to renew we have done it form our end. What nonsense is this.... how can they bill me an amount without me asking for the service. Have never heard of this kind of nonsense. I said how can I pay if i have not asked you to renew it , if not using it and had already asked your person to take the device too. And later they started calling me for dues and every time i had to say the same story. And to the top of it , now after 1 year i am getting calls from their end saying this is their lawyer and case has been filed again my name in New Delhi , do you want to go for out of court settlement or fight the case. I said I will fight.. These companies can go to any extend to harass consumers , its really frustrating... the sum of money they are asking is not a big amount for me , but still why should I pay ? ?