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Carcinogenic Emulsifier and Satbilizer E-407 in ice cream

Complaint Details: 
Carcinogenic emulsifier and Satbilizer E-407 in all barnds such as Verka, Mother Dairy, Amul, Vadilal and all other companies. E-407 is a highly carcinogenic compound linked to toxic hazards such as ULCER and CANCER. However, the most serious concerns relate to the degraded CARRAGEENAN, which is not a permitted additive. However, the native CARRAGEENAN which is used in ice cream may become degraded in the gut. As you are aware of the recent controversy related to MAGGIE. So this issue may again create a lot of hue and cry. Before the things come to such a pass, please take some action and ban E-407. It is further added that our company SOHL (Sukhchain Organic Herbals Pvt. Ltd. has created many organic emulsfiers and stabilizers that are not harmful at all. Besides, as per Punjab Agricultural University test report, overall acceptability scores of our products are as good as DONESCO (the carcinogenic compound) First dripping time of of our E & S is 6.2 minutes as compared to 5.6 minutes of DONESCO. This means that our stabilizer takes more time to melt as compared to DONESCO. With best wishes and regards, Dr Sukhchain Singh 75 Ashapuri (Aggar Nagar) Ludhiana-12 (Punjab) Mobile: 09501016407, Landline: 0161-2552198

Carcogenic emulsifier & stabilizer E-407 in ice cream

On each and every packet a consumer it is written E-407 which is highly linked to toxic hazards such as CANCER & ULCERS. Ethylene oxide when reacts with an inferior prodyuct, it forms ETHYLENEHYDROCHLORIN. The DEGRADED ETHYLENE OXIDE IS UNAPPROVED ADDITIVE. But it is being used by all the companies that produce. Hence We request FSSAI, New Delhi to ban this additive E-407. Sukhchain Singh, Director SOHL (Sukhchain Organic Herbals Pvt. Ltd.) 75, Ashapuri (Aggar Nagar) Ludhiana (Pb.)-12 141 012 INDIA

Carcinogenic emulsifier and stabilizer E-407 in ice cream

Information about emulsifier and stabilizer is written on each and every packet a consumer buys. It invariabl6y contains E-407. Information about the carcinogenicity is available on net e. g. Wikipedia. We remained silent about MAGGIE until the media created a hue and cry. Are we waiting for a cancer epidemic to spread ? Best wishes and regards, Dr Sukhchain Singh 919501016407, 911612552198

E-407 additive for ice creams

Dear Doctor Sahib, You are requested to kindly be specific in your complaint, and give proof of having found the alleged carcinogenic additive. The particular brand of ice cream, its source and date of testing in a recognized laboratory has to be quoted with the results. You may send your Specific Complaint to the Food Safety & Standards Authority, at the following address: FDA Bhavan, Kotla Road, New Delhi-110002 Toll free number is 1800112100 Land line: 01123236975 With Due Regards, Brig NP Manaktala Member, Consumers Forum New Delhi Dated: 29 Jul 2015

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