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Complaint against Homeshop18

Complaint Details: 
Hi I've ordered a combo from homeshop18 on 21st Dec 2012, it was supposed to be delivered within 7 days, but they didn't delivered it on time , i've made complaints against the issue 3 times to the customer care cell of homeshop18, but they keep on delaying it, at last they cancelled my order wihtout telling me the reason for cancelling the order. its truely unfair they do what they want to do, they are fraud in the name of shopping site. please my value for money has been lost, please take a strict action against them, and now they will make me call their customer care department several times for refund of money, this is disgusting. my order no.920370879

Complaint against homeshop 18

If your money has not been refunded after arbitrary cancellation of the Order, it is a fraud. You can file a Police Complaint in your nearest Police Station and on Internet. Please do it soon. You must also mention the amount involved. This Forum cannot take action in such cases please. We can only advise what action is to be taken and by whom.

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