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credit card

Complaint Details: 
This is with reference to my credit card of Barclay bearing no.4339481974511012/Standard Chartered 4196075820119939 in the name of Sandeep Patni.I deposited a cheque bearing no-354252,dtd 14/05/12 hdfc,Amt Rs6277/- of the total amount due.The cheque got bounced because of Standard chartered's fault .Standard chartered bank deposited the cheque in ICICI bank instead of HDFC for clearing.HDFC refused to clear as it was received from icici instead of Standard chartered bank.Please find attached copy of cheque.PLEASE NOTE THE CHEQUE WAS DEPOSITED WELL BEFORE DUE DATE I m willing to pay total actual outstanding but without the penalties,late fees,Taxes etc.I m willing to deposit the amount of Rs 6277/-immediately provided no other charges are levied.Also i want to stop/close the said Credit card.Please stop/close the card from immediate effect .Please reply on immediate basis.I will not bear any future penalties as i m willing to make immediate payment