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Defective 2011-Maruti Wagon R (K Series) Sold by Atul Motors Pvt. Ltd. RAJKOT

Complaint Details: 
We have purchased new Maruti WagonR (K Series) on 23-Jun-2011 from Atul Motors Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot (Gujarat), and delivered vehicle found faulty so on verbal complaint they had given assurance that it will be solved in your first service. But as of now we are not feeling any major change in the vehicle after four services. But after going back & forth for couples of time and on verbal & written request nobody able to find proper solution, so file a an online complaint with Maruti Suzuki, gave notice to the Maruti Suzuki, Head Office, New Delhi & Ahmedabad, also faxed to Atul Motors – Rajkot. But nobody took it seriously and ignored intentionally. So, filled a consumer complaint at local Jilla Grahak Suraksha Mandal, but have a feeling that nobody interested in solving/listening complaint of non-influenced citizen/person. Don’t’ you think that I have a right to seek redressal against unfair and restrictive trade practices. 1) Application faxed to Local Dealer/Maruti Suzuki : 02-Aug-2011 (Attached) 2) Online Complaint with Maruti Suzuki by Ref No. 5503-1/W2011080149 dated 03-Aug-2011(Attached) 3) Consumer Complaint: Docket No: 11081426 dated 11-Aug-2011. (Attached) After I purchased the Vehicle has been kept by local service center for total 23 days in several attempts, but not getting satisfactory solution. As most of the information/communication is already attaching herewith, so not repeating entire matter here, I hope that without going into the court my matter would be solved by your interference. Expecting your immediate assistance in this matter