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Defective Car Received From TATA MOTORS

Complaint Details: 
This is to draw your kind attention that I Arijit De had booked a Tata nano car on 28th June 2011 from T.C Motors (Howrah), and I got the delivery of the car on 20th sep 2011, when I went to the showroom before the delivery of the car, the sales agent Mr. Debnath Chokroborty (Mob: 09903967319) shown me the car and told me that this car has been allotted to you, and I found that on the front bumper their was a scratch on it and on the both side under the doors there are rust. So I told him not to send me that car instead please sends me a new car, but afterwards the same car has been delivered to me at my office. And when I refused to received the car then the sales agent told me that nothing can be done as the car has been allotted to you, you have to take it. Or else you have to wait for another one or two months as they were out of stock. After two three days I found that the car has a problem with the steering, like if I drive the car straight then the car pulls towards the left. I informed that to the sales agent, and he told me to bring the car to the service center. The whole day I spend to the service center of T.C Motors (Howrah) but nothing has been done. And at the end of the day the engineer Mr. Aktar told me to bring the car after a day later. Again I took the car to the service center and after the work has been done I found that the steering is tilted to the left, like if I drive the car straight then I have to tilt the steering towards the left then the car will go straight and the earlier problem was also still there. After five to ten days they called me and told that the car need to be upgraded, so please bring the car to the service center. After the up gradation, I found that the car start knocking. I again informed them that another problem have started after the up gradation of the car. They told me to bring the car again to the service center to T.C Motors (Howrah). I have again taken the car to the service center but the problems were not solved. After one month the car starts having a starting problem, like some times the car fails to start. So I informed to the Tata customer care and an engineer has been send to my house to start the car and take it to the service center K.B Motors (Park Circus). After a month when I went to the service center for the first service then I have been informed by K.B Motors (Park Circus) that they will not be able to provide me the service as their system is showing that the car is six months old and its time for the second service so please contact the showroom where you have purchased the car. Means the warrantee of the car has started from the date I have booked the car and not from the date I got the delivery of the car and I still did not received the invoice of the car from T.C Motors (Howrah). So now I am fade-up of this problems and I decided to stop the EMI of the car and I am waiting for a solution from Tata Motors and I will start paying the EMI as soon as all the problems have been resolved. So this is my earnest request to you to do the need full and I will be waiting for your reply. Thanking you. Arijit De 6, Christopher Road, Kolkata-700014 Mobile No. 09874525452