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Deficiency of Service by Renault Dealer and non confirmation of booking

Complaint Details: 
I had booked Renault Duster RXE-85PS-Diesel on 12/08/2012 with Renault dealer namely Sprint Cars Pvt. Ltd (A-5, Main Road, Kailash Colony, New Delhi -110048) and was assured that I would get delivery in the month of November 2012. Even after three months, the delivery date was not confirmed by the dealer. On contacting the dealer, I was told that Renault has stopped taking booking of the said Duster RXE Diesel model in August 2012 and the booking was taken wrongly. Also the only option I have is to upgrade to a costlier model Duster RXL and delivery would be made after another waiting period of 3-6 months with no confirmation of delivery date. I raised certain queries regarding the way I was handled by your dealer: -If booking of Duster RXE model was stopped by Renault than why did the dealer take my booking for this model in first place? -Why during last three months after booking I was not informed about this by your dealer? -Why no delivery date was not confirmed by the dealer for three months? There was no response from the dealer. I was left with no option but to cancel the booking. To my shock, the dealer is now saying that INR5000/= would deducted from total booking amount of INR 50,000/= as cancellation. This is harassment of customers that I am forced to pay for the deficiency of service by the dealer appointed by Renault. I think Renault has taken bulk booking from people with out ensuring whether it can keep the commitment of delviery the product. I want to file a case against Renault and it dealer. Kindly let me know whether this makes an effective case for customer harrashment.