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Complaint Details: 
my name is canara bank account number is XXXXXXXXXXXX,my account is at canara bank dilshad garden,gtb hospital branch,delhi. this mail is a formal complaint against branch manager in this branch of canara bank my life insurance details in canara hsbc oriental policy are as follows.POLICY NUMBER-XXXXXXXX,CLIENT ID-XXXXXXXX. MY PHONE NUMBER -9013562767 i have surrendered my canara hsbc life insurance policy on 19/03/ due date for payment of 1 lakh premium is on 26/03/2012. today ie on 23/03/2012, i recieved a call from insurance company gurgaon head office, that i will be charged a penalty if 1 lakh(premium) is not there in my bank account on 26/03/2012.they said that canara hsbc is not responsible for the penalty that bank will charge me on bouncing of ecs and it takes at least 20 days to stop the ecs from their side. bank manager of canara bank gtb hospital,dilshad garden branch said that its the responsibility of canara hsbc life insurance company to stop the ecs before 26/03/2012 and bank will charge the penalty if my account is hit on 26th march.he further added that bank cant prevent me from losing money in the form of penalty for bouncing of ecs but only canara hsbc life insurance company can help me in this regard if they process things faster and communicate with the bank in this matter,or else i will have only legal options in front of me.I am from a banking background and i know its responsibility of the bank to recieve a request from my side and stop ECS AND THEREBY PREVENT THE BOUNCING OF ECS ON 26TH MARCH the branch manager is very rude towards me and not at all ready to talk to me or even recieve a written request for stopping the ECS.I can provide the documents stating that i have surrendered the life insurance policy to the bank on request. i am going to lose my hard earned money because of sloppy response of bank manager.if i dont get a satifactory reply in this regard i will have to resort to legal options Dr ANOOP.K.R