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Fraud by agent and company.

Complaint Details: 
Complaint against Agent of SBI Life Insurance who cheated me. I have taken two policies of SBI Life Insurance of Rs. 30000/- yearly (14025900209 - dtd. 06.12.2010) & (14041342601- dtd. 20.07.2011). I have paid 2 premiums in one policy and one in another. But till date my 2nd policy bond paper didn’t come yet. And company totally denying for this. Suddenly a call came from SBI Life Insurance after 2 yrs for policy that we have not give any amount as per commitment by agent. (that’s why I writing to you). I took my 2nd policy within a year because agent promised me that SBI Life give you Rs. 30000/- as a bonus within a year. He didn't tell all the truth about the policy. And company totally denying for this. My Rs. 90000/- stuck in company and company totally denying that you have to read first terms and condition. Company gives you 15 days free look period. But I apologize for that but Company is totally denying. Company has mentioned the name of that agent in my 1st policy. But he left the company. Yesterday (08.10.2012) I received duplicate copy of my 2nd policy with a letter. Here also mention the name of agent and he also left the Company. Free look condition is not available due to duplicate copy, this is written in the letter. I am very poor guy and do not know about the terms and conditions. This is happened with me in first time. My question is that most of the benefits and promise in verbally and why do not tell in verbally about terms and conditions? Why not agent tells about surrender charges which deduct from premium? This is the company policy to trap client and do not verify till 2 yrs. Please give me some way for money that How to receive my money from Company without complete locking period.