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Fraudulence occurred in my savings bank account no – 061901502356 vide my cheque no – 5058

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Complaint Details: 
Firstly I wish to introduce myself that I Mrs. Sumana Mukherjee, W/o – Mr. Ashim Mukherjee as an inhabitant of Punj Lloyd Ltd. Camp Hathichera T. E, Po –Hathichera, Dist – Cachar, Assam – 788030 Mob – 9435177504 having a savings bank account no – 061901502356 under ICICI bank, Silchar Branch, Also, would like to inform you that a Fraudulence of Rupees four lacs forty four thousand and five hundred (Rs. 444500) only, occurred in my savings bank account no – 061901502356 vide my cheque no – 5058 on 31/08/2012 as I hadn’t issue any cheque amounting this much. I only came to know that the sum of this much amount has been credited account from my account to Krishna Kumari Panday’s when I got the SMS alert from ICICI bank. I got surprised and immediately contacted ICICI Silchar Branch Personal as well as ICICI customer care over telephone and enquired that why bank had not asked my confirmation before debiting from my account. Then upon my request Silchar branch personal acted immediately and arrange to freeze the account of Krisna Kumari Panday (after some time I become to know that the account holders name is Kisna Murari Pandy not Krishna Kumari Panday and the mistake was happened due to typing error done by ICICI anandapur branch personal where the cheque had been deposited) as well as another account where the fund was transferred from Mr. Panday’s account as till then only Rs. 398000/- was left into those accounts(confirmed by ICICI Silchar Bank personal) Moreover, When I asked to tell me the details of Krishna Murari Panday and the Other account holder, The ICICI bank personal refused me to tell all about them and now they are telling me that they were not able to find out these persons as their account were not a regular. Now my question arise that even after strict instruction and guidelines from RBI regarding KYC & AML, how bank is keeping such persons account if they are not able to contact them? The fact with this cheque is that neither myself had issued any cheque to Mr. Krishna Murari Panday nor amounting this much, as I had handed over the cheque to a person named Mr. Uttam Singha who came to me after telling me as he is an officer from United Bank of India and offering me a housing loan for purchasing a flat in Kolkata. The cheque holding no – 5058 was given to him for CIBIL check purpose and it was clearly mention in the space of pay to – CIBIL and a line after that to avoid free space, in the space of rupees it was clearly written in capital letter four hundred fifty only and a line after that to avoid free space and in the space of Rs. 450/- was written in figure. It’s beyond my imagination that anybody can do this type of imitations in banks cheque. I had also separately launched a police complaint against those personals who were took the cheque from me under Kolkata Police. I had given a request letter to ICICI bank, Silchar branch marking copy to Anadapur Branch, Kolkata describing all the details and requesting to revert my money back. But till today there is no written reply I got from the Bank side, while contacting with the bank I asked every time regarding this case and they replied me within few days that will be solved. On 12/10/2012 I have given another letter to the bank asking revert me back the freeze amount. Today bank personal telling me that until unless police has not given the written instruction to release the amount they cannot do anything. I talked with the police personal to doing so he replied me as the amount had been freeze upon my request so its banks duty to deliver the amount to me on my request so why they will give them the written instruction. Now I am nowhere without write you the letter as Its very very urgent for me to getting this amount. Now, it is requested you to kindly arrange to revert me back my money as early as possible and oblige.