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huge phone bill misguiding and cheating by keeping the facts hidden

Complaint Details: 
As per the amount charged the matrix has charged a heavy amount for the Holland mobile. I had asked for a cheaper plan and these people misguided with plan of euro 2.79 per minute and a surcharge of euro 0.34.I was also not provided any free hand set. They have already taken a security of Rs.6000/- . They had kept many things facts hidden. if the call charges exceeded more than the security deposit why didn't the call get disconnected. Sir I am not the only victim of these kind of fooling service, but there are many other people who are victimized. As I am a student the govt of India had sent me on duty. How will I afford this heavy amount imposed blindly by these guys.I request you to take necessary actions so that many customers,consumers can be saved from these illegal activities of these service providers and fooling the innocent public in the name of telecommunication and extract money with harassment.o