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Insurace Document Not Delivered

Complaint Details: 
Dear Sir, I have taken a policy from Kotak Life Insurance Policy No. 2540757. It require Address change which took 4 months of continues mail & call follow-up to update the correct address so they can dispatch my policy to my address and now it’s been 2 months I am fighting to get my policy delivered on my address. Insurance company has not delivered policy document even after almost 6 months. I have taken 20+ follow-up with the Company customer care 18002098800 & Number given on SMS 02266057910 and never got any satisfactory response from them. They never contacted me and always said my no was not reachable which is not possible as I never been out of coverage area. I even asked if I can come and collect my policy which they refused saying it will be dispatched from Mumbai office. I have asked for Courier company name and dispatched number so I can get the policy delivered on my address which they never share with me and now they are saying customer is changed its address which not possible my parents are leaving that address from last 30 years. I even asked for to terminate my policy and refund my money which they refused saying it can only terminate if I am not satisfied with the terms after receiving the policy. Please help me to get my policy document. Thanks, Mayur