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Mis-selling by metlife agent

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I am karan chhabra s/o Mrs. Sangeeta chhabra. I am writing to you on behalf of my mom. When my mom had gone to pnb bank to deposit Rs.12,000 as fixed deposit, there a metlife agent manoj told her that she will get more interest on the amount than bank offered after 1 year. But when my mom approached to the bank after 1 year she got to know that it was a insurance policy and we have to go to CP branch of metlife for further enquiry. After that I went to metlife's CP branch where a metlife agent told me that this is an insurance policy in which we have to pay Rs.12,000 as premium for 3 years, as we were financially weak so we couldnot pay the premium. As the metlife agent wrongly committed the things this is a case of mis-selling. After 3 years of the policy we have got a letter from metlife that the policy has lapsed and a cheque of Rs.2000. Now I only want the remaining invested money back. My contact number is 9873513140, customer ID is SANG150419642A, policy no. is 1200800483918 and policy is in name of my mom Mrs. Sangeeta Chhabra. Please help us in getting the invested money back. We will be very thankful to you.