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Mover and packer dumps goods on the middle of the road and leave

Complaint Details: 
o, Transdaksh Packers & Movers in Koramangala, Bangalore, #59/82, 13 'c' Cross, Venkatapura extension, Teacher's Colony, Koramangla, Bangalore 560034 Dear Sir, I am completely disgusted with your service and would like to bring the following points to your notice: 1. We booked goods for Door to Door delivery from Bangalore to Delhi, T-10 Green Park Extension, Third Floor, Delhi. Please note goods were to be delivered on the third floor. Entire payment of Rs25000/- was made in advance. 2. The goods were brought and unpacked on the road today, date: 17-3-2012 3. Half the goods were delivered to the the third floor while the other half was left on the middle road causing a traffic problem... not known to us as we were on the third floor. 4. Whilst we were in the the house organizing the stuff and placing some of the packages brought in, the labour told us the truck had to be moved and hence we should sign on the received document so that the truck could leave whilst assuring us that the labour could get all the goods up to the third floor..... 5. When the goods stopped coming up we went on to check where was the labour and to our shock the truck, the labour had all gone after dumping the goods in the middle of the road.... 6. We then called Mr Dikshit 09686111465 who had booked the goods in banglaore and he told us he would get it organised and get the goods sent up to our house.... 7. He gave us the no of the Delhi manager 09686111461 and also asked us to speak to him.... we called him and he said he too would try and organise something.... 8. Post the first call, the Delhi manager stopped picking up our call and Mr Dikshit started coming up with lame excuses of why his company could not do finish the job like the labour is having lunch then the labour is far away etc.... 9. We must have called the above two men over twenty times but our pleas went unanswered and finally Mr Dikshit said that the goods were too big to be carried up and that i had to do it myself. 10. Helpless, i and my domestic help went to a nearby construction site and begged a few labours to get the stuff up and I had to pay them an additional Rs 1500/- for the same. 11. Post this I called Mr Dikshit from my mobile and he did not pick up yet again, so I used my landline no as he did not have this no with him and when he picked up the phone I asked him to give me the company's owner no. which he did not 12. Finally I told him I would be left with no option but to go to the consumer court to which he said i was most welcome to do so. 13. I also called up on the office landline no 080 - 65683068, to register a complaint but after they heard my complaint they disconnected the call. I am extremely upset with your company's service and if it is not addressed soon i will have no option but to take the legal recourse, as the dumping of the goods on the middle of the street caused me a lot of embarrassment as i passers by and neighbours rebuked us and more over i also had to incur an additional expense of Rs1500/- despite making a payment if Rs 25000/- to your company..... Hope this issue is addressed soon. Regards, SM Lamba 9811757370

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