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Shopping from Vijay Sales, Goregaon (West)

Complaint Details: 
Dear Sir,I had very bad experience with Vijay Sales, I went to buy IBALL TABLET SLIDE I6012 from Vijay Sales Goregaon (west), I saw the display piece and asked him to pack the new one he handed me the receipt with the amount to be paid at the cash counter and till then said to me that he will switch on the tablet to which i agreed and asked my father to stand in the payment queue and went to the sales guy for getting some queries solved he told me that the tablet is low on battery so it needs to be charged so he needs to put it on charger i agreed, so he went in a corner where the charger was kept and i don't know but i just followed him (which i think he never knew) but then came a surprise for me, in that corner he was secretly deleting all the pics clicked from that tablet, seeing that i confronted him,first he tried to convince me that this was a sealed pack tablet but then on asking him ,then why there were images clicked from this tablet? on which i came to know he was giving me was one of the display piece from their other branch in the name of new one, seeing me furious he promised me to get me a sealed pack one by next day but then how can I trust these frauds if they can delete pics in front of me then by next day any thing is possible , Is this not a fraud ? he should have informed me before.Now i am planning to complain against them, i was lucky that i some how came to know this fraud but cant say to how many customers they might have conned?