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sms pack changed & unnecesory balance deducted

Complaint Details: 
sir, i was group massaging on last 12/09/12 at night 10pm. approx 13 msgs i sent. after completing all msgs i show my balance rs 26.12. bt before msging i show my balance was rs 79.12. suddenly i called customer care for complaining about it but they says to me that his system is down & they can't give any information about my complain & also can't register any complaint. they told me to call after some time i did again two times but they said to me same thing. so finally i called on 13/09/12 at 11am. so finally they answer me that due to some system error your balance has been deducted & your balance will be resume til night 9 pm on 13th. but i haven't got any balance till 14/09/12. so i called again at 1 pm on 14th & they said to me that on your number there are two sms pack has been activated by you. but i allredy have sms pack of rs 19 (1paise/sms plan) since reliance started this pack from that time i am using. and on 30/08/12 they automatically deducted rs 9.5 for 15 days sms pack. but now they were saying that your plan has been changed & no money will be refund. but i am heartly saying that i haven't change my sms paln. & i am requesting to you please do some thing for me. i wanna to show they that i am not wrong. and really i am not wrong. reliance cheating with me. i am useing this number (9835395928 reliance gsm) since last 5 year but i haven't complaint for any thing but this is too much. i need only they restore my rs 19 (1p/sms plan) & refund my extra deducted balance. thankyou