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sx 4 disel faulty brake system

Complaint Details: 
Dear Forum Team i purcchased a sx4 zdi from Gurgaon and the same has been thorughly maintained by Motorcaraft noida.. Since begining there have been awkward noised from fittings and a lot other places which could not be rectified by Maruti until 29000km after repeated followups.. the suxpension was also changed since it was faulty and same was also admitted by Maruti that there have been some complaints on this. At 36500 km i felt a juddering on braking the vehicle so the same was taken to Motor craft and i was told the reason was worn out disks. i further enquired as to how disks could wear out so soon i was told the same was due to brake pad wear out. on examination i observed that only one brake pad out of 4 was worn out and the rest was still about 50%. it is only due to faulty brake system that the wear out was uneven .. i consider this as a threat to passenger safety and Marutis reaction to the same has been very negative. Request you to take up this cause with MAruti.. Vehicle Reg. no HR 26 BJ 5001 Thx Deepu