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Complaint Details: 
Dear sir, i have been receiving threatening calls from hdfc credit cards from this no 02261453800 repeatedly in my office nos, manager's nos and every where else after 5 years. I had taken a credit card in 2007-2008 and spent 75000 which i already paid them, and thought the account to be closed. i dont even remember the card number. Now, after 5 years they are calling me to pay and outstanding of Rs 250000/-. Everyday i get calls in my office number, and my nos and manager's nos. my ofice people think that i may have committed some crime and i have to feel the embarrasment everyday and all my people are being disturbed. This is causing me harrassment and torture and i am not able to leave a normal life due to fear. i cannot pay 250000 as i am a poor girl living my life with my job. my job is at stake. Therefore, i request you to kindly ask them not to bother me as i have no money to pay them. Whatever, i have spent have paid them already. Please leave me alone. ANUSHA DIA