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videocon washing machine tube

Complaint Details: 
I have brought Videocon Semi Automatic washing machine on 27 Feb 2012. In the last three and half month we found a little hole in washing tube and after that is notice that the hole is continually increasing his size. i made min 5 to 6 compliant against this problem. But engineer never came on time. First time engineer said we order a new tube to company and we replace the tube. But seance last 25 days he is not able to solve my problem. Last complain IND1107120164 made on 11 july 2012. But it has still not been resolved… we have called 3 times then engineer came and he too spent 5 minutes and went back claiming need of spare parts and we are still awaiting for him to get it fixed. This has been such a pathetic service experience that I would never ever go for videocon product.we had to wash clothes by servant's hand which gave us financial problem every month and now we are really tired. The only reason I spent money is to give some comfort to my family . However, this machine has been completely useless. I want my money back immediately.
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Please look up the warranty papers for address of the manufacturer and send them a Notice quoting model,its number,date of purchase and dealer's name, and tell them that the leaking Pipe cannot be replaced by the authorised dealer/agent. Give copy to the Dealer, quoting Complaint number etc. Give them 7 days to time, either attend to the defect or to replace the machine which cannot be used and is lying idle. Tell them that if nothing is done in this regard within 7 days, you will be left with no option but to approach the Consumer Forum and request for refund of the cost of the machine and compensation for harassment caused. In the mean time find out the address of the local District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, to file a Complaint. The Forum staff will tell you about the procedure for filing complaint and mode of payment of fees. You need not engage an advocate.

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