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Whirlpool Washing Machine

Complaint Details: 
Dear all, Please help/ guide me. On 11/11/1211 I had purchased a WHIRLPOOL fully automatic washing machine, Model no. White magic pro. 720H. Since first use we are facing Poor wash quality, washing powder stains on cloths after drying cloths & several other problems. to resolve the same I have complaint several times to Sales Showroom (Ashoka Sales Jwalapur Haridwar Uttranchal) & record conversation with him Please listen the Attachment several times register my complaint to customer care centre. I also send my mail complaint through co. site & other officers but nothing had happened yet, except fake promises. Below are complaint register no. 1. DN0112001439 2. DN0212000324 3. DN0212000895 4. DN021200903 5. DN0212001716 6. DN0212001764 7. DN0312000051 But got no result except fake promises to resolve my problem in few hours. Till now three times co. engineers (Mr. Eshu, Mr. Harish Kumar, Mr, Aman Deep) of different- different level have visited, check the machine even washing quality by washing themselves & agree that machine is having problem & assure us for refund or replacement but few days back i had a word with area head Mr. Rishi, i tell his all my problem but after few hours i got a mail that Machine is ok, I was shocked that three service men / engineer visited & check the machine thoroughly & agree with me but a other man conclude that machine is OK without inspection or check. So Please help What i suppose to do. Waiting for your kind reply. Regards Ranjit Singh Haridwar (UA) +91 9997555770

speed of washing machine

Hallo, I have a washing machine with maximum speed of 1400 rpm. But I am afraid that sometimes the speed is automatically reduced to lower limit. I donĀ“t like this, I want the my washing machine always reaches the maximum speed because I spent a lot of money for it. is there a simple way to measure the speed of the drum? stroboscope light can be a way? or other ways? I thank you for your help bye

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