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Whirlpool Washing Machine

Complaint Details: 
I have brought Whirlpool Fully Automatic washing machine PUD 701 Sport on 31st October 2010. In the last one and half year it has given me enough grief. It has been out of order more than 6 times. Engineer never came on time. Last complain DL0512031697 made on 25th May 2012. But it has still not been resolved… we have called 3 times then engineer came and he too spent 5 minutes and went back claiming need of spare parts and we are still awaiting for him to get it fixed. This has been such a pathetic service experience that I would never ever go for whirlpool product. Same problem was repeated last year as well and we faced the same kind of pathetic service at that time. My mom had to wash clothes by hand which gave her a sprain in the back and now she is on bed. The only reason I spent money 5 times more than of a normal machine is to give some comfort to my mom. However, this machine has been completely useless. I want my money back immediately.

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