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wrong amounts of phone bill

Complaint Details: 
Hi, I am using VODAFONE as my phone service provider for phone # 9999405541. On my bill I charged around Rs 5000/-. Where my credit limit is only Rs 4000/. I do have Internet pack on my phone of 2GB Usage on 2G & 2GB of usage from Nokia as i just purchase a new phone. When I check my bill. I found that I got charged Rs 3500/ on 29th of July. That is not correct I contact Vodafone about the the same.I called customer care service they said you do have a corporate number so write an email.I wrote an email & inform that there is a discrepancy in bill but they replied Its correct. I am very sure that I haven't use internet for that long ever. But they keep on saying that charges are correct.Then I asked for them to gave me the usage what all that charges for with detailed information like time & type of data i use(download, brousing or anything else) but they deny to provide me the details & keep on asking me to pay the bill & they stop my services as well. So now I am here at Consurem Forum. Looking for a positive responce Thanks & Regards Bonnison Vinod 9999612142