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Wrong and fraudulent diagnosis to extract hefty service charges

Complaint Details: 
I gave my car for repairing a problem in the brake of my car UVA model (General Motors) car number HR-06-S-3611 which is registered in the name of my brother Mr. Prfulla Kr. Das. The same was wrongly diagnosed and a charge of Rs. 18325/- was taken for me by Autovikas Sales & Service Pvt. Ltd. J-10, Rajapuri (Phone- 011-420707088) which is an authorised service centre of General Motors vide Invoice number 001052 dated 08/09/2012. When I drove later at my home and on road I could found that the problem still persists as it is at the time of making the complaint. I reported the matter to the supervisor and when I took back the vehicle on 16.09.2012 to the garage after diagnosis they said I have to replace other part which is the ‘wheel speed sensor’. I felt completely cheated by the service provider. Please suggest me ways to resolve the same. It was more surprising because the same problem was reported on 13th Nov 2011, in which case “AUTOVIKAS” changed the ‘wheel speed sensor’ costing me Rs. 4123/-. The workshop engineers were totally blank on the reasons for the break missing as only when I referred to the earlier case they started looking in that direction and was suggesting me to replace the wheel speed sensor. But the versions were still different in the case of the technician and the supervisor from which it can very well be inferred the workshop does not have the competency to diagnose and in turn has harassed me by wrongly suggesting me to change other items to charge higher amount of bills. Please suggest me to take the case to the consumer court for resolution.