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Why should you join ?

  • To promote the consumer movement.
  • To protect  your own rights.

How can I join ?

It's very simple, you can start by joining the mailing list and interacting with the other member concerning the consumer issues. Later you can contact the members of the governing body and take up life or annual membership

How can I participate in the current issue ?

When mail from the mailing list reach you. Reply on the mail talking about topic of your interest. This mail is put in the mailing list and thus reaching everybody
How can I subscribe ?

Click on subscribe and put your details like E-mail address, name etc.. You will be automatically put on the mailing list within 24  hours.

How can I unsubscribe ?

Click on unsubscribe button and give your E-mail ID and name and you will be taken off from the mailing list within 24 hours.