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Membership Details

Membership Details     

Certain contents of this website are available only for members of our site, the contents that are of use to every consumer. Its about knowing our rights and acts as consumers and much more. Moreover, being a normal member of this site is absolutely free of cost but has benefits that are invaluable.  Only those members who opt for any of the below mentioned paid plans will be able to make complaints and receive personalised and valuable guidance from our experienced team. Please follow this link if you want to change your subscription:   Subscription Page

The three classes of members is as follows:-

Ordinary members : For ordinary member, any person above the age of 18 years can apply on the prescribed admission form along with the requisite membership fee. By making a payment of $5 only through our website's safe and secure payment gateway one can become an ordinary member and will be able to make one complaint and can seek advice on problems faced. After making one complaint you will again become normal registered member and can visit the site using old email and password and follow up with the complaint that you have made.

Life members: For life membership, any person above the age 18 years can apply on the prescribed admission form along with the requisite membership fee. By making a one time payment of $45 you will be entitled to make any number of complaints throught your life. You will Not have to buy complaints everytime you face a problem.

Honorary members: Honorary membership shall be granted to distinguished persons in the field of cultural, social, religious, educational medical and any other public services subject to agreement and consent of the governing body.

Payment Methods:-

Offline Payment: You will be required to send cheque favouring  CONSUMERS FORUM ICICI BANK A/C No. 033201002297 along with your personal details i.e. Name, Address, Phone no., Email id and Invoice No. (that you can see from the My Invoices link) that will be generated after you agree to pay for the membership that you opted for. Your membership will be activated only after the payment has been recieved in the mentioned bank A/c after which you will be able to make the complaint.

 Paypal: You can either use credit card or transfer money from your paypal A/c to Consumer Forum. This is a faster methos of making payment and membership is activated instantly after making the payment.

As mentioned hereinafter and subject to the approval and consent of the governing body, one will be eligible for the desired membership. In case of rejection, the reason for rejection shall be communicated to the person concerned.

Joining will take you less than a minute! JOIN NOW

Incase, you don't wish to make payment now, you can go to My Advices and seek advice from our experienced team members.